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:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz::iconpikapikaplz:Hello and Welcome!:iconpikapikaplz:
In this group we care not how you support pikashipping, we are happy that you do.

A few rules
No bashing
No stealing
Try and keep it clean (at least have a warning)

Lots of people support pikashipping in different ways as listed below, as please let us all get along.
Someship them as:
:bulletblack:Lovers as long as Pikachu is human.
:bulletyellow:Lovers so long as Pikachu is a girl. (Considering Pikachu has been proven to be male, this is sort of left up to their imagination, which is cool.)

Thanks very much charlot-sweetie (Co-founder)

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Soon to be Ex-Co-Founder charlot-sweetie here saying Goodbye everyone! I hope the group continues to grow while I'm gone!

Do remember that in my main group :iconash-ketchum-fangroup: we have a pikashipping folder and you're welcome to post  your works there -> ash-ketchum-fangroup.deviantar…

Seeing as this will be my last journal, i'm going to promote myself.
We'll meet again cover by charlot-sweetie CAS Adevntures Cover by charlot-sweetie Speed paint challenge - Evil Ash Ketchum by charlot-sweetie Stories by the fire by charlot-sweetie Chibi Ash by charlot-sweetie Come with me Ash! by charlot-sweetie

Mature Content

Misty in the waterfall by charlot-sweetie
Chibi Pokeween by charlot-sweetie

My name has been Charlotte you can get points over on dAhub
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JohnlockedDancer Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Thank you SO much for letting me in!;) (Wink)
mario13245 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Put the glock on Ash's forehead, pull da trigger.
TVnGames Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm, interesting! Well, Ash and Pikachu have the same ancestors, so I'm cool with it. ^^
trainerred135 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ASH'S PIKACHU IS A BOY!!! Flippin' Tables Submit Comment
charlot-sweetie Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We know, sex and gender make no difference when it comes to love.

Also on the front page we have stated the various ways we know that people ship Ash and Pikachu together.
"Someship them as:
Bullet; BlackLovers
Bullet; YellowFriends
Bullet; BlackLovers as long as Pikachu is human.
Bullet; YellowLovers so long as Pikachu is a girl. (Considering Pikachu has been proven to be male, this is sort of left up to their imagination, which is cool.)"

If you are not a pikashipper then that is fine, just don't spread hate or start any shipping war type fights please.
trainerred135 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll just leave this…
charlot-sweetie Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(1 Reply)
ElectricityBill Featured By Owner Edited Jan 9, 2015
I'm a huge supporter of romantic Pikashipping. I see Ash and Pikachu's relation as being much deeper than mere friendship. They clearly love each other and care about each other very deeply to the point of Ash risking his life on several occasions to save Pikachu. Ash shows that he understands how Pikachu feels. They always in sync when they battle together and Pikachu is always trusts Ash to make the right decision and as a result they have been able to beat opponents that they otherwise wouldn't have been able to. In my opinion they are clearly soul mates and eventually romantic feelings would form if they haven't already (I would personally love it if the anime ended with Ash and Pikachu getting married but I doubt that will happen - I'll just have to speculate). A platonic friendship just does not satisfy me.   

As for Pokémon and human shippings, the anime and games consistently discuss the importance of strong bonds between humans/Pokémon that is seems inconceivable that in many cases Pokémon would not fall in love with their trainers and have their trainers return that love. Considering that trainers in the anime and games spend long periods of time together it's not difficult to see how feelings could form. Pokémon in the anime and consistently shown to be sapient (Meowth can talk) and therefore would be able to form and understand romantic feelings for their trainers and consent to relationships and marriages/informal unions. 

I'll make the controversial point here that I personally think as an extension of having such a strong bond many Pokémon would and should become physically intimate with their trainers, including Ash and Pikachu. Sharing that sort of physical and emotional connection to each other would strengthen the bond between them and make then better partners and better able to express their feelings.

As it stands I think the Pokémon franchise actually supports the notion of trainer/Pokémon shippings. In Colosseum a woman states her Mightyena is her boyfriends; In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum there is a Sinnoh Myth that states Humans and Pokémon used to marry each other; in the original series of the Anime Meowth falls in love with Cassandra and in the later XY series Korrina refers to her Lucario as her soulmate.    
Oshawott Surprised Happy Plz Oshawott Happy Dance Plz 
charlot-sweetie Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have to say that I fully see Ash and Pikachu's relationship as the strongest bond within the whole show; however I just can't see it turning romantic, this doesn't weaken their relationship just prevents them from preforming certain acts.

While I'm sure the strong bonds in both teh game and anime relate purely to friendship to chance of love falls on to them as individuals, Ash and Pikachu are like Brothers, Togepi saw Misty as its parent, Meowth is a colleague and friend to Jessie and James, some pokemon act like children, others like pets towards their trainers. I feel it's far more complex than just after time romantic love will grow.

As for your controversial point "would and should become physically intimate with their trainers" if this means that pokemon will be forced into physically intimacy for the sake of strengthening their bond then I'm opposed. Again this comes down to what type of bond and if there is consent, physically intimacy would totally improve there should be no force or idea that at certain level of trust you must do this otherwise you risk destroying the trust you have built. If pokemon are sapient (which they do heavily appear to be) then assessing their relationship to you is simplified but not black and white.

If I had time I would double check your sources, the women with a Mightyena for a boyfriend does sound familiar (I remember it as a joke so I would want to double check). However given that pokemon won't touch the issue homosexuality, them toying with bestiality is extremely unlikely. As Korrina and Lucario are recent events I'm confident in saying that the soulmate thing was aimed as friendship and not romance, however the saying is open to interpretation since they did not specify how. It will be interesting to read into the Sinnoh myths, the idea of pokemon/human pairing being mentioned in cannon is rare.
ElectricityBill Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2015
Ash and Pikachu probably won't turn romantic in the show but I think the bond between them is so strong that turning romantic is not an unrealistic extension of their relationship. I hesitate to use the term "Brothers" to describe them, mainly because merely being siblings does not equate to a close relationship. That terminology suggests a very specific and sometimes erroneous understanding about the nature of families. I know personally of situations where sibling relationships are less than harmonious. I suppose everyone will ship them in their own way but I personally really enjoy shipping them as a romantic and sexual couple. If Ash were to marry anyone it should be Pikachu (but I would accept Snivy). As it stands the anime shows that Pokémon are both sapient and capable of falling in love. Meowth in love with Skitty, Meowth and Oshawott in love with a Purrloin (male), Bunneary in love with Pikachu, Oshawott in love with Emolga, Oshawott in love with another Oshawott and that same Oshawott in love with a Dewott. Plenty of instances of Poké-love. It therefore is not much of a stretch of the imagination to see this extended to a Pokémon having feelings for their trainer. Pikachu shows on many occasions different levels of affection for Ash including nuzzling him on many occasions and licking tears off is face after recovering his memories in AG089 : A Scare to Remember!. When I said Pokémon and their trainers would become physically intimate I was assuming that it would be out of mutual love and desire for one another not coercion. No different to two people who love each other expressing their love physically. Ash is supposedly 10 as of the BW series though I dispute this and see him as being a teenager. As such he may not have developed any form of sexual feelings but as he grows up he almost certainly will which is when he would more likely become more romantically attached to Pikachu. It's natural and normal for two beings who have such a strong bond to want to express and share that through that intimate connection if indeed those feelings are there. 

As for the Human Pokémon shippings in the anime I should say this. The use of the word soulmate to described Korrina and Lucario is indeed an odd term to use about someone your only friends with. Generally the term soulmate is used to describe feeling of deep or natural affinity and is usually applied to romantic contexts. If someone is your soulmate then why would you fall in love with anyone else. As it stands there is good reason to see Lucario as a species of Pokémon that would fall in love with their trainers, given they are highly intelligent, evolve from friendship and understand the world by sensing aura and emotion which indicates they would form deep attachments to their trainers. Furthermore Mega Evolution cannot be achieved without a strong bond which against suggests some level of strong feelings between trainer and Pokémon. Throughout the film Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, Aaron's Lucario spends the entire film angry and miserable thinking Sir Aaron betray him and locked him in a staff for 200years (or however long it was). Was he so devoted to a nameless faceless Monarch that he was outraged Sir Aaron would abandon his duty. I doubt this a lot. Monarchy represents inhertient privilege and was often associated with massive wealth inequality via feudalism, no empowerment of the people and lack of physical development and thus became nearly extinct in Europe. The British Crown has only survived as it's legislative powers have become absorbed and exercised by the Parliament of Westminister which is elected by the people. And Lucario's ability to understand aura and emotion would clearly give him an ability to see the darkness in the hearts of those in power. No. I think his issue was much more personally. He was personally betrayed by someone he was close to and given how obsessed he was by it and how miserable the betrayal made him to suggest Aaron was his lover is grounded on firm foundations. 

I don't think the anime completely avoids homosexuality given in Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky? both Meowth and Oshawott fall in love with a male Purrloin and certainly some of the Antics of James and Harely seem very effeminate and meet the stereotype of how Americans like to think of gays. It is unfortunate the deep social and political divisions created by LGBT issues would probably prevent Game Freak or whoever produced the anime from developing feelings between Ash and Pikachu. Americans and American media, so heavily policed by right wing and sometimes almost fascist religious and political lobby groups, is unfortunately embedded with a strong “Me Tarzan, You Jane” notion of sexuality and gender and therefore to sell the anime to Americans it typically reflects this. This is clearly the case with Serena, a boring and uninteresting character designed only to have a crush on Ash and participating in a sexists set of competitions called Pokémon showcases, and the almost canonical Amourshipping (which I hate as it undermines Pikashipping). Such strong Heteronormative understandings of the world by the American audience seems to support the ridiculous and very artificial relationship between Ash and Serena while rejecting as weird, creepy or illegal a relationship between Ash and Pikachu despite the fact that they have been together for the entire series and are clearly closer than anyone else in the show. The reason being heteronormative and heterosexists attitudes affirm most heterosexual relationships, typically those that reflect male privilege or patriarchial notions of family and reject anything that falls outside this very narrow field of visibility. I myself have fallen victim to these strong prejudices. I have authored a Pikashipping series called Beauty in Love on under the pen name Ivy the Snivy and have found myself being subject to abusive and homophobic reviews by a rather arrogant and nasty minded individual who will remain unidentified (himself writing a amour shipping fiction that seeks to purport a male dominated relationship between Serena and Ash). Worse still any attempt to ship Ash and Pikachu would be met with hostility by America's Christo-Fascist elements who tend to see any representation of LGBT people in mainstream media a political exercise to the extent Pokémon would be considered "Propoganda" or part of a non-existent "Gay agenda."   

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